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Fremont Township Hall
4850 Mertz Road
Mayville, MI  48744
Phone:  (989) 843-0621
Fax:  (989) 843-0622

Clerk's Mailing Address
P.O. Box 216
Mayville, MI  48744

Treasurer's Mailing Address
P.O. Box 187
Mayville, MI  48744

Office Hours:
     Wednesdays 9am-2pm

Clerk: by appointment 
     Phone:  989-843-0621
Supervisor: by appointment 
     Phone:  989-843-6092
Assessor:  by appointment
     Phone:  989-843-6000
Permits:  Lyle Fryers
     Phone:  989-843-6408


Master Plan adopted August 28, 2007

Zoning Ordinance
adopted October 8, 2009
Zoning Ordinance Amendments adopted August 8, 2013

Land Division Ordinance

Ordinance Enforcement Policy

Blight Ordinance

Civil Infraction Ordinance

Private Road and Driveway Easement Ordinance
Private Road and Driveway Easement Ordinance Amendment 
            Adopted August 8, 2013

Medical Marijuana Ordinance

Commercial Communication Towers Zoning Ordinance Amendement
         Adopted August 8, 2013

Fire Protection Ordinance

Tuscola County information on drone use


If you have questions regarding our Zoning Ordinances please contact the Zoning Administrator (Lyle Fryers) at (989) 843-6408.

You may also purchase a copy of the Zoning Ordinance for $15.

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